Our Mission Statement

For more than 35 years we have instilled in all of our artisans, craftsmen, mechanical contractors, and workers the philosophy that we are building homes that we want our grandchildren to be proud of.

Having attempted to distill that thinking into a clear statement of mission, we have found once again that John Ruskin, the man acknowledged with founding the Arts & Crafts movement, has more succinctly guided us with his words.

We proudly offer the following as our Mission Statement and wish to thank you for visiting our site. Contact us with any questions.

When we build, let us think that we build forever. Let it not be for present delight nor for present use alone. Let it be such work as our descendants will thank us for; and let us think, as we lay stone on stone, that a time is to come when those stones will be held sacred because our hands have touched them, and that people will say, as they look upon the labor, "See! This our parents did for us." John Ruskin 1819-1900