Builder 20 Club

Genesis Construction is proud to work alongside such dedicated craftsmen.

The NAHB Builder 20 Club is a small group of nationally recognized and award winning luxury custom home builders carefully selected by invitation of the National Association of Home Builders. The club, known as the Highenders, meets semi-annually and communicates daily as an informal board of directors. The mission of the club is to raise professional standards in construction techniques and practices, finance, insurance, engineering, architecture, and to be available to each member as a sounding board when industry challenges arise.

Beaman Building & Realty, Inc.
Jonathon Casada Custom Homes
Cesario Builders
Premier Builders, Inc.
Robert Egge Construction, Inc.
Hiluard Kitchens Homes, Inc.
E. B. Mahoney Builders, Inc.

Wellington Chase Homes, LLC
Schultz Development Corp.
Classic Construction Services
L D Watkins Construction Services, Inc.
Hoebeke Builders, Inc.
Cello & Maudru Construction Company
Bob Michels Construction, Inc.